Do you know what your Apple product is capable of? When you purchased a Mac product you selected a powerful piece of hardware; learn how to use it to your advantage.

Our Clinics can help you understand how to unleash the technology and get the most out of your Mac. Whether you are a novice or a tech-savvy computer user we have a class that can help you. Each class has a maximum of 4 places so you are guaranteed a personalized teaching experience.


Our one hour Clinics are held after work at 6 pm at our office. Classes are Basic, Intermediate, or Advanced. Sign-up for our newsletter and we’ll send the latest schedule right to your inbox.



We have a wide variety of topics including: Basic Email, Understanding iPhoto, iMovie, Backing up, Installing a Printer, using an iPhone, etc. Each class is tailored to focus on specific issues and when you are done you will understand your system better and use it more effectively.


Kid’s Clinic

Kid’s Clinics are designed for K-6 and young teens. These classes will focus on tech issues that are of more interest to younger users; for example: creating a Video for a MySpace page, synching an iPod from multiple computers, or avoiding viruses when downloading music. These clinics are taught by the same professionals and will also have a maximum of 4 places.

Each Clinic or Kid’s Clinic is $25. You can also purchase a bundle of Clinics when you buy a new laptop or desktop. That way you can get started off on the right foot.


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