When things go wrong with your computer it can feel like you’ve just lost everything. Sadly for some people they actually do lose all their data which leads to a lot of unhappiness. Trust us you don’t want to be in this situation and you can avoid it by simply backing up your data once a week. Call us to find out how, we’ll even help you set up the how and when of your backup, and we’ll make sure it makes sense for you and your needs. We can set up your backup to DVD, to a .Mac account, to an external zip drive, or other device. And you’ll be sure that your data is safe.

The Value in Support

Often support is seen as an extra cost that can be cut; in fact support is an integral part of the smooth running of a computer system. It’s like house insurance: you hope you won’t have to use it but when you need it you’re glad it’s there.

Evolution Concept is a full service provider of solutions to you, the Consumer, Prosumer and Company; we are able to help you through the entire life of your computer and software. Our staff of highly trained technicians can help you with installation, data migration, and ongoing support

With a support plan you can be assured of help with any rough spots you might encounter; if your system goes down we will help get it back up and running and get you back to work as fast as possible. If you are having trouble with your peripherals, your mobile devices, or other hardware issues we will help you get all your technology communicating right.

Our Support Structure

We offer telephone, onsite and offsite support depending on your needs. If you are having a problem give us a call and we’ll help on the phone (minimum time 15 minutes). For more complex problems you can bring your Mac to our store and we’ll work on it here for you (minimum time 1 hour). For exclusive one-on-one problem solving with one of our technical specialists we can come to your office and solve the problem onsite (minimum time 1 hour, plus travel charge)


Our Support Plans

To make our support more effective and affordable we have come up with several different ways for you to access our services.

Annual Plan:

if you think your organization is going to be requiring regular support (more than 2 hours per week) from all your employees then you should consider an annual plan. The plan is based on the number of Mac workstations and allows up to 15 hours a month of support.

Hourly Plan:

if you work on your own and have a few questions once in a while then buying a bank of 5 hours at a time is the way to go. You get the same level of service as the Annual Plan without the commitment. Cost: $400 for 5 hours (hours are deducted in 1 hour increments onsite, 1/2 hour increments at our shop and 15 minute increments for phone support).

Bundled with your Purchase:

if you are buying a new Mac why not take advantage of our bundling offer? You can get your Mac installed, your data migrated, and have 2 hours of support. If you encounter growing pains while learning your new system we’ll be there to help you overcome them. All this for only $149 when you purchase a new Mac desktop or notebook computer.


If you want a support plan that is responsive then you should consider the AppleCare supplement support package called UltraCare. This is a service that on top of the AppleCare program, gives you the following: unlimited email support, 4 hours of phone support (billed at 15 minute increments) per year, and technical support through iChat or Skype. All this for $249.00 per year. UltraCare allows you to have instant access to our technicians for urgent problems.