Evolution trading company

coffee and finds from Japan

Our Promise of Quality

Every bean is chosen and roasted with care, using only specialty coffee beans. We offer our meticulously designed original blends, as well as special blends made seasonally and straight single origin coffee beans. Our original methods of roasting ensure that every single coffee bean is roasted as it should. Would you fancy a lighter or darker roast, we can be modulate any blend on demand or design an entirely custom-made blend specially for your business or your own enjoyment, using our user-friendly taste chart. The beans will never be under-roasted (as it is often the case in the third wave tradition for roasting) or over-roasted (as it often is in the Italian and French espresso traditions of roasting).
This is fourth wave coffee.

Blend A

A real Japanese coffee taste creation. Sweet and bitter, this blend offers a lot of umami and is excellent for drip standards

Blend B

Designed and inspired to create a traditional Western coffee taste.

Blend C

Designed and inspired to create a traditional third wave coffee taste. Sour and sweet, this blend offers a lot of umami and is good for espresso standards. Will mix particularly well with milk

Blend D

Bitter and sweet, this versatile blend offers a lot of umami and is perfect for espresso standards, although it will be delicious if extracted with a drip method as well

Our Story

Our packages are eco-friendly made with paper only releasing CO2 gas ensuring that your coffee remains as fresh as possible for the longest time